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Mind and Body Connection

A healer doesn’t truly heal other people. A healer just opens a door through the permission slip of energy frequencies that a people can choose to walk through.  Our bodies are nothing more than energy and space.  If you were to see your molecules under a powerful microscope, there would mainly be large areas of empty space and energy transmissions jumping from one particle to the next. This is analogous to our universe which holds billions of stars in an orbital spirals.  At least, this is what could be observable if we had an instrument to see to this depth of physical reality.  Our bodies are filled with trillions of cells which all have a individual consciousness and relationship to physical collective.  When we are joyful with the feeling of freedom and gratitude, we vibrate on a very high frequency in terms of cycles per second.  When we feel fear, anger, judgement etc., we vibrate on an extremely low frequencies of cycles per second.

Hello, my name is Orion and I am an empathic healer based in Toronto, Canada.  I am a pioneer in cutting edge therapies that have direct physiological, cognitive, and emotional rebalancing.   I specialize in many therapies including concussion healing through a means of energy work.  The brain has an architectural design of an energetic quantum lattice that sits around the head in layers.  Concussed or brain injured people have divots or small slices in this architecture of this lattice.  My extremely tuned sensitivity can pick up these imbalances and repattern them.  After many adjustments to reform this lattice, the white matter of the brain that has been compressed or bruise opens back up.  For my clients this feels like a cracking or clicking sound followed by fluid movement.  Often people sleep for a full day following the first treatment as the brain repairs itself.  Often a large improvement of cognitive and physical performance of the brain is noticeable after the first treatment.  Three treatments are required to heal a single concussive injury.

I have also pioneered a modality called “Heart Clearing” which helps people clear up old emotional wounds that can affect a person’s general wellbeing.  Often people have addictions, denials, or personality quirks which stem from an old wound that was never addressed.  Through Spiritual Mentorship and a willingness to go into old pain, people can change the meaning of a pervious event in their lives.  By changing the meaning, we can change our feelings about previous events.  Raising a frequency of an event will change how it feels.  This helps people feel empowered to derive their self-worth not from past events and how others treated them, but to choose how they are now feeling supported internally through self-love.

Cognative Healing

Brain Healing through Energy Neuroplasticity, BodyTalk Therapy, Meditation, and coordinating the cortices to balance.  These techniques are recommended for Concussions, Brain Injury, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, and anxiety and many other imbalances.  Although many seek out this therapy to lessen pain, this can also help people who want to improve their current brain functionality.

Emotional Healing

Heart Clearing is fantastic for releasing old emotional pains and reinvest your heart and emotions into your present life instead of reflecting on past emotional upsets.  True power is not in the mind but in the heart.  Learn how to use your most important organ effectively.

Spiritual Healing

Our body is surrounded by many quantum fields that can be tapped into through focused intent and meditative perception.  Our Innate energy field that surrounds us is extremely powerful and through the use of activated pineal gland, kundalini flow of energy in the spine, and an awakened heart, we can interact with this field.

Initial Session

The first meeting together is a combination of brain storming and strategizing about what exact result you are look at from the session followed by a full treatment.  People usually book between 90 to 120 minutes on the first session truly get work accomplished together.  Usually follow-up sessions require only 60 minutes.  Two hour sessions come with periodic check-ins and conversations to find out about your healing process after our appointment.

Click below to purchase a 90 or 120 minute session either at Om Toronto (55 Spring Garden Ave suite 200), or a quiet location selected by you.


Time session

Concussion Therapy has a slightly larger fee due to the complicated and exhausting nature of brain healing.  Generally, Brain healing requires a 90 minute initial session followed by a couple 60 minute sessions.  The fee for all sessions is the same regardless of time required.

Time session